DTM Consulting Services Inc. is a Canadian firm with speciality in Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies [CAST] that provide our customers with condition based maintenance interventions that are minimally invasive and specific to the failure modes of the equipment. (See P-F Curve technical details on “Modes of Failure” that occur with Electrical and Mechanical Systems. )

Critical Asset Surveillance using reliability centered [RCM] or condition based maintenance [CBM] Technologies is designed to reduce or eliminate maintenance interventions where expensive manpower does routine repetitive intrusive maintenance.

With a full suite of Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies including Ultrasound (1st mode of failure**), Corona detection, Vibration (2nd mode of failure**), Arcing and Tracking detection, Partial Discharge Testing [PDA], Tribology / Oil Analysis (3rd mode of failure**), Motor Circuit Analysis [ MCA], Thermography (4th mode of failure**), plus other emerging technologies, we offer a significant and cost effective solution to reducing equipment breakdown and improving the profitability of our customers through production equipment uptime.

Contact DTM Consulting Services TODAY (service@dtmconsulting.ca) to discuss Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies that will maintain your equipment UPTIME.

** There are four common Modes of Failure that exhibit specific characteristics as the equipment failure progresses. Using Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies, the mode of failure can be detected by the behaviour characteristic and interventions can be applied before the equipment suffers from an expensive catastrophic failure. See Modes of Failure Curve.